Review of Bounty, KL Journal Hotel

Bounty is located in the fairly new KL Journal hotel, near the popular nightlight area of Changkat Bukit Bintang.

It’s hidden up a dark road that leads you to the back of the hotel and … Their small car park. For a hotel with 11 floors, they have less than 20 spaces for cars… Maybe they weren’t expecting many local guests.

There’s no signage to show you which door leads to the hotel – the lift even had a sign that said ‘Staff access only’ – but a quick check with a worker in the car park pointed us in that direction. You emerge into a service corridor, with one door leading to the kitchen and the other into the lobby.

Bounty is on the ground floor and even though the hotel has been open for a while, it was fairly quiet.

However, the food at Bounty was great!

The eggplant bruschetta topped with slivers of mackerel balanced out well, with the mild eggplant making sure the salty fish didn’t overwhelm the palate.

The waiter recommended their Caesar salad – I was apprehensive at first because well, it’s just a salad, but after tasting it… Would order again. Generous portion of fresh lettuce and a perfectly poached egg, with plenty of parmesan and their delicious dressing… Not sure what was in it (I think the chef mentioned ikan bilis) but it was addictive.

Lychee sorbet before the mains arrived was light and refreshing – perfect to cleanse the palate.

The lamb meatballs were a good size after the all the starters, and the sauce was spicy enough to give a kick.

The beef cheek was so smooth – the right amount of fat and meat – and the sauce was divine.

For dessert we tried the coffee panna cotta – it was so fresh, the bottle was warm and the coffee aroma filled our noses.

The chef told us the menu will change in a few months, so some items may not be available (like the eggplant bruschetta *sadface*). Will definitely come back to check out the new menu.

Had a look around the hotel and while the lobby is nice and modern, it faces some rundown apartments and shops. The pool wasn’t as big as it looked online but it gives you a nice (to some) view of Lot 10 and the Tous Les Jours at Bukit Bintang. Better at night for sure.

Opening Hours: Every day, 06:30am – 11pm

Contact details: 03 21105520

Address: No 30. Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang
52000 Kuala Lumpur







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