Review of Beauty & the Beast, Jalan Batai


When you come up the stairs the lounge is to your left and dining to your right

The latest in a long line of BIG Group outlets has opened at the refurbished Jalan Batai/Plaza Batai address in Damansara. For those who’ve been around a long time, you’ll remember it’s the site where the famous Hock Lee’s used to be.


You can see the lounge through the folding screen doors

Now B.I.G supermarket has taken over the entire stretch with a bakery/coffee shop at one end and a Ben’s General Food Store at the other. Beauty & the Beast sits above the supermarket, with a small entrance next to the bakery.

The inside is plush, divided into a lounge and a dinner area. There’s a grand piano in the lounge and a wide selection of alcohol available. If you’re a wine connoisseur, or have too much money, or have just come into money and want to show off, there’s a fancy French designer wine to the tune of RM13K waiting for you @.@  Didn’t notice it until someone pointed it out and it gave everyone a shock.


Slightly more private, this section can be separated by a folding screen but is next to the kitchen

The seats were really comfortable and the combined colour scheme and wallpaper, as well as the lightning give off a nice ambiance.

We were informed by the waiter that some dishes were unavailable from the starters, mains (the Black Angus tenderloin!) and sides. Also, they were out of big bottles of water (it’s either Aqua Panna or tap) so they served the water in smaller bottles (RM18) and therefore had to keep coming back to refill it…. Well, it’s only 3 weeks old so there’s time to improve.

Note: Menu is the same as BEAST


Food and drink menus


The lounge area looks like a nice place to chill with friends


Inside the lounge area

The lobster bisque (RM65) was good but nothing spectacular. The mushroom soup with truffle cream & mushroom soil (mushrooms on chopped mushrooms) on baguette was more worth it.



Piping hot lobster bisque beneath the puff pastry


Mushroom soup with truffle cream and mushroom soil on a baguette

The complimentary beer bread was perfect – soft on the inside and crunchy outside. Didn’t even need butter.


The beer bread. You will get crumbs everywhere when you cut it.

The escargot wrapped in puff pastry with buttery parsley sauce (RM35) was a pleasant surprise – it had at least five escargot inside (most places give tiny portions) and the puff pastry was like heaven. If you’re a fan of garlic however, you will not like this. The sauce complimented the escargot and pastry nicely – would order this again.


The puff pastry even resembles a snail’s shell!


Points for presentation on the Josper grilled lamb loin

The Josper grilled lamb loin coated in pistachios was accompanied by a baba ghanoush, freekeh and baby spinach salad with Sumac vinaigrette. No complaints here.

The baked miso cod with salmon flakes, lime creme sauce & butternut puree with asparagus (RM98) was larger than most serving sizes and the puree went down well. Only negative – there were a few bones left inside.


A large portion for the Baked Miso Cod … Tasty but came with bones.

The ‘Beast’ burger with portobello confit and swiss cheese (RM68) was a tad dry. Nice portion size though and the fries were crispy and not oily.


The ‘Beast’ burger. The patty is topped with sliced portobello mushrooms and swiss cheese.

The beer battered black cod & chips (RM98) was nicely battered and smooth on the inside but won’t make you lie back and think of England.


Apart from water, we ordered a Canteloupe Splash and a Pink Sunrise (both RM18).

The Canteloupe splash was delicious – the taste of honeydew wasn’t overwhelming and paired nicely with the chamomile tea. The first one served had an ant in it, but the staff apologised and quickly replaced it.


Pink Sunrise and Canteloupe Splash

The watermelon, rambutan, blueberry mix with coconut jelly was fruity and refreshing – a nice way to end a heavy meal. The coconut jelly wasn’t my favourite… Something about the flavour but the rambutan infused with watermelon juice was great.



Can’t remember everything in the chocolate mousse dessert (RM28) but it was very rich… Unless you’re a big eater then I’d substitute a starter for this or vice-versa. The bitterness of the long black (RM15) helped tamp down the heavy chocolate.


Chocolate mousse, basil and strawberry ice cream (?) 


The grand piano in the lounge 

Verdict: May go again for their lunch menu (check online – it is slightly different) as the lamb ragout pappardelle (RM30) was good value for money (if a little short on lamb).

Nice ambiance, friendly waiters, big portions and generally tasty.

Cons: Overpriced on some items, unavailable items on the menu and slightly slow and confused service (but the staff were very friendly).


The entrance

Opening hours: 12pm – 3pm for lunch; 5pm – 1am for dinner. Closed on Mondays.

Location: Lot 6-A & 6-1A, First Floor, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone:  03 2093 9975




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