Review of Bing’s korean dessert cafe, Publika


The brightly coloured Bing’s korean cafe in Publika opened on the 1st  of December. Flower bouquets and congratulatory wreaths decorate the entrance and interior of this new outlet, the latest in a long line of food offerings in the busy Publika shopping centre.


The only other Korean dessert cafe in Publika has been Namoo so far, so a new outlet is always welcome. Note: Pastel cafe & bakery in Publika also serves pat bing su (red bean).


The interior is bright and full of bright colours and decorations – we had fun reading some truly terrible pickup lines on one of the posters. Only downside was being able to see into the entrance of the kitchen – we could see the staff mopping from where we sat.


The menu has a mix of desserts and mains – if you eat at Bing’s before 7th December 2015 you get 30% off selected items. While we skipped  over the mains (I don’t remember any of their dishes), the dessert menu offers a large variety of bing su.


The drinks menu has the usual coffee, tea and smoothies but the purple sweet potato latte (RM16) caught my eye. I haven’t had a good sweet potato latte since Sydney (and that one was orange) so I had to try Bing’s.

It was surprisingly good – creamy and not too sweet, with a strong sweet potato flavour.


The pat bing su have what are become increasingly common flavours – milk, various fruit flavours, chocolate and oreo etc. I picked the affogato pat bing su (RM21) because well… Affogato. You can’t go wrong. Bing su prices range from RM 18 – 23.


It was a pleasant surprise to taste milk shaved ice instead of the normal shaved ice (milk makes it smoother and sweeter). The espresso shot comes in a tiny jug that you pour over your bing su. The vanilla ice cream and shaved almonds are nothing special on their own, but combined with the coffee and milk ice… Mmm. Also, an inner layer of red bean hidden under everything else reveals itself upon further digging.


The single sakura (I think) waffle with strawberry (RM15) needed a bit more flavour but the strawberries and sauce were nice. We both agreed you can never have enough strawberries.


The sign said they’re open until 10pm though there were still customers at 11pm (at which everyone was promptly handed the bill and the staff started clearing).

The outdoor seating was also full – some customers were celebrating a birthday and seemed to have brought their own whisky; lots of red faces there.


If you’re trying to find it, it’s the same floor as Barfly, Coffee Societe, and Whimsical and located next to Coffee Stain and Taipei Taipei.

EDIT: Bing’s is now closed.

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm everyday.

Address: Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia





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