Review of Hanbing Korean Desserts cafe, Bangsar Telawi

The popular eating spot of Bangsar Telawi finally has a Korean eatery! Hanbing opened today and it was pretty busy. Walked by and saw all the flowers so we decided to try it out. When we Googled this we saw they have a branch in Hong Kong.

Located just up the road from Hong Leong bank on Jalan Telawi 3 (same row as Inside Scoop and Alexis) the cafe decor is bright and cheery, though the metal, wood and stone blocks also reminded me of the nearby Coffea Coffee, another Korean cafe.

The menu offers both sweet and savoury though the focus is on their various pat bing su (shaved ice).


There is a set menu available but we were told that the portions for the tteokbokki and chicken were really small so we opted for à la carte. The waitress was kind enough to show us the small plates that they’d be served in so we had a good idea of what to expect.


The cheesy tteokbokki (RM26) also included ramen, fish cakes and fried potato noodles wrapped in seaweed. It was tasty but they added chopped chillies – perhaps to cater to local preferences.


The kimchi fried rice (RM13) came on a nice bed of melted cheese and was topped with an egg. Both of us enjoyed it and it wasn’t too spicy.


The honey chicken (RM17) was… Disappointing. Compared to the picture on the menu and my recent experience at the Chicken House (in Solaris – best honey chicken) we were expecting more. It was nicely sweetened and cooked but the small chopped pieces just weren’t what we expected (crispy fried chicken drizzled in honey).



We decided to try the Injeolmi pat bing su for dessert. It came topped with 2 rice cake cubes, nuts and soybean powder. It looked smaller than it is and by the end we were full. The ice is nicely shaved – next time we will try the mango or green tea. A few tables ordered the blueberry cheesecake pat bing su which looked too decadent after a heavy meal. We both ordered jujube tea – 1 hot (RM9) and 1 cold (RM10).

All in all a nice place with friendly staff (and lots of kpop) but hopefully they improve the chicken.

Total bill was RM110.70 for 2 people.

Address: 33, Jalan Telawi 3, Kuala Lumpur



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