Review of Doma, Mont Kiara

I spotted people in Doma a week ago and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been open for around 2 months with little fanfare… No signs to say it was open so I didn’t bother trying before.


View when walking from Coffee Bean

Situated above the Las Vacas in Mont Kiara, a short walk from the Coffee Bean and One Mont Kiara (easier to park in the Coffee Bean carpark and walk across), Doma is a relatively small restaurant. Korean bistro is how my friend described the whole place.

The design is simple, wood, metal and concrete with plants dotted here and there. I think it should fit around 30 people at a time – there are also 2 tables outside. The entrance looks cheery, with a coffee machine displayed behind the counter and an open kitchen (you can’t see it inside the restaurant though).


The menu

Sadly we were unable to try the Seafood and Scallion Pancake :(. Only 4 items were available on the menu – it was explained that this was a “pre-opening”. The Pork Hock looked tempting but we were advised against it since it was aimed at more than 2 people. Good advice since another table (of 5) ordered it and it looked big.


We ordered a half portion of KFC

The “KFC” Korean Fried Chicken was a well battered trio of honey-soy sprinkled with sesame seeds, Korean sweet and spicy sauce, and plain fried chicken. Not too oily and not dry which was great. My favourite was the honey-soy but my friend loved the sweet and spicy.

The Crispy Chips was surprisingly generous – a lot of fries covered with cheese and accompanied by 2 limes and a pot of mustard aioli sauce. Very moreish though it made us crave for something sweet to offset the salty, savoury flavour.


Our Red Bean bingsu

I wanted to try the Marshmallow Bingsu (shaved ice) and my friend the Soya Bean. However these were also unavailable which meant we had to order the only one available – red bean. I am not a big fan of red bean but… Doma’s Red Bean Bingsu may be the one time I’ll give in.


Gooey goodness

The shaved ice was so soft and silky – it’s been mixed with milk which intensifies the flavour and gives it that smooth texture. The red bean was sweet and mixed with rice cake/tteok bits which were soft and chewy. It was nice to have the red bean layered between the shaved ice. We saw a lot if Korean families tucking into this icy treat. As my friend said “If the Koreans come here just to eat Bingsu it must be good”.


Drinks and dessert menu

The owners were really friendly which made up in part for the limited choice of food. The tasty chicken and champion Bingsu have guaranteed a return trip.
All that for two people was RM63.60.


Our meal

Doma: Level G, New Wing Mont Kiara Shoplex,Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara


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