Green Gourmet Review – Newtown, Sydney

Green and healthy eating culture is on the rise throughout the world. Given that I’m a vegetarian, this is excellent news for me! There are countless numbers of new trendy eating places popping up all over the place. Living in the trendy, uber cultural hub of Sydney, (it’s Newtown… if you even had to think about it) and a short walk down the infamous King Street has you walking past many contemporary snazzy establishments that offer almost anything and everything.


Very green Green Gourmet


Pricing guideline for the buffet

    So, Green Gourmet…. In 4 words, Good Food Affordable Price. I had the dinner buffet, and they way they work is:

  • Shovel food on your plate
  • Weigh it
  • Pay $2.60 per 100g of food
  • Enjoy

Pretty interesting concept I would say. A filling dinner with 6 different dishes and rice only cost me $13. There is an a la carte menu available as well, and I will definitely be making a trip back very soon to check it out because it honestly does looks very appetising.


Huge variety of selections on the buffet


My plate with 5-6 different selections

Back to the food. 6 selections of veggies, tofu and “imitation meats”, along with some brown rice made me a very happy man. And you know what they say about “the way to a mans heart”… So yeah hahaha. I didn’t actually know the name of the dishes that I was eating. There were no signs that said “Hey, this is fried gluten knots with some funky sauce” or “Veggies in some Thai curry”. But that’s a minor detail.


Crowded evening with all the Veganistas

The staff were friendly, there was quick and frequent service to tables, and everyone in the restaurant look satisfied with the food. The interior of the restaurant was a bit too green (for my liking), and the atmosphere and furnishings were very standard. A bit of background ambiance music was something which was lacking and definitely needed.


Basic interior, again with a lot of Green

But all in all, a decent vegan restaurant with good oriental/Chinese food that is definitely worth a visit for both herbivores and omnivores.

Location: 115 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Check out their website:


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