Review of Lady M, Singapore


Impressive from the outside

It’s been been a while since I walked down the other end of Orchard Road, down past the newly renovated Centrepoint (which honestly is only new on the outside and really dead on the inside. Hopefully they renovate the whole of the inside too). While everyone tends to congregate on the other end near ION orchard, Takashimaya and Tangs, the Centrepoint end seems to be less popular with tourists. Standing outside Centrepoint,  I spotted the gleaming glass facade of Lady M opposite. As I made my way over, a Chinese “nun” glad in grey held a bowl out in front of me. NOTE: DO NOT GIVE HER MONEY. Or any other Buddhist monk or nun that asks for money. Most of these are beggars or con-men from China or Thailand who buy monk/nun’s robes and beg (usually Western) tourists for money. I’ve seen them in Malaysia and Singapore and a proper monk told me that real monks are only allowed to beg for FOOD. Normally they collect donations of food in the morning before returning to the monastery/nunnery. So the ones walking around in South-east Asia – and Malaysia and Singapore in particular – are fake. This nun knew who to target and moved from person to person fairly quickly so security wouldn’t notice her. She was even wearing trainers! A family gave her some coins and she sped off without a thank you.


Pretty snazzy inside

OK back to Lady M. It looks impressive from the outside, with tables on different levels so it looks like they’re in a diagonal line, before joining a flat row of tables. I entered the shopping centre and took the lift to the entrance on the 1st floor. Turns out there was an entrance below if I had walked past the lifts! Inside it looks modern and stylish; lots of white, lots of marble. The top floor entrance leads to the counter where are the cakes are, with a few tables there. The picture I took is from the staircase looking down into the main part of the cafe. There was a queue (it was on the weekend) – waited 10 minutes for a table so not too bad. However we came just after lunch so people were leaving; after we had ordered the queue had exploded. Service was slow and unorganised due to an obvious lack of staff.  The table behind me that was there before me got there food after me. They were not happy. The 3 waitresses seemed to be doing their best but they just couldn’t cope. Took 30 minutes for two cakes and three drinks to arrive, and after 15 minutes of waiting for the bill we gave up and paid at the counter. Even then there was a wait as other people had obviously had the same idea, and there was another queue for taking away cakes. The two staff handling the counter needed help.

Screencap from Lady M's Singapore website showing all the lovely cakes

Screen-cap from Lady M’s Singapore website showing all the lovely cakes

Drinks were nothing special. I was excited about the cakes but when they came I was disappointed. The millefeuille was soggy and not crisp. The green tea mille crepe had too much cream and felt mushy. A little disappointing since the website says Lady M (New York) was the pioneer of the mille crepe.


Crowd was a mix of locals and tourists, families, friends and couples. I saw a lot of selfies being taken and Instagram. Maybe I should have tried some other cakes. Maybe it was just a bad day for them. I just hope they get more staff because apart from the cool cafe design and ambiance, the food and service aren’t enough to bring me back to this outlet (they have another at One Fullerton). It must be working for them though.


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